Friday, March 17, 2017

Fairy Princess

   A quick morning post as the hubby and I are headed for Biloxi for the night to see Pat Benatar in concert!!!! She always puts on a great show!!! (my DS will be home for the weekend to keep the pups company :)
  I finished this picture earlier this week. I started with this beautiful digital image from Selina Fenech which I colored with polychrome pencils onto 'cryogen white ' cardstock.(from Paper Temptress)
  I cut her out using a die but leaving her wings and the lily pad outside the edges. I layered her to 'silver ore glimmer cardstock' and then to an over lay called 'silver bohemian by Hambley' and more of the silver ore glimmer behind that - all are from Paper Temptress.
  I used a bunch of flowers for accents - the 2 smallest ones I left white and one down in the bottom right corner was already a pretty blue - the rest were white to start with and I sprayed them with turquoise glimmer mist . I added her crown from my stash with a rhinestone at the top added to match her wings and a couple flat backed faux pearls for good measure!!!
  She was mounted onto a canvas board and framed - 11 by 14 inches.
   All for now - gotta get a move on this am...
       Take Care

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Walkin the dogs....

   Well it has been a busy week and I didn't get much walking time in. Spent yesterday in the studio - should have another painting or two to show you soon...
   After the studio I loaded up the pups and took them for a walk in the woods and a bit of time at the beach (on the military base) and as you can probably tell they had a good time and burned off a bit of energy!!!
  This first picture of Duke is my favorite of the day - he loves to run and loves the water!!!
   All for now - Have a great day!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017


   A quick post this am - going to be a busy couple of weeks - spring break and a concert to go to next week in Biloxi  - Pat Benatar!!!!
  Showing off a couple cala lilies that I planted a week or so ago - pretty purple blooms!!! I love it in the spring when my flowers start to bloom - just need to get everything weeded...
  Well off to work....
     Take Care

Thursday, March 2, 2017


  Working today but since I had something done to show you, I will pre-post....
   I got this card done yesterday. I colored this sweet image from 'A Day for Daisies' with polychrome pencils onto 'cryogen white cardstock (as usual).
  The cryogen white as well as the base cardstock for this card - silver luster cardstock - can be found on Paper Temptress and they are 2 of my very favorite cardstocks.
  The silver luster makes wonderful wedding and anniversary cards as well as adding an elegant touch to any card.
  I added silver corner stickers, and some plastic clear flowers with a pearl and paper flower on top. Then I added a couple smaller flowers with a rhinestone and pearl center (sshhh - one of the little flowers covers a pencil smear)
   Lastly I added some liquid pearl drops with a viva d├ęcor pearl pen - onto her wings and in the centers of the flowers in her hair - and a couple on her cheek.....
    All for today - I hope to have another encaustic piece to show you this weekend.
       Take Care

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Zentangled wirst braclet

  A quick post this afternoon as I gather energy for one last push and get some house work done tonight....
  I bought a bunch of plain wood bracelets for my Zentangle class (with CLL - Center for Life Long Learning) to play with this time as well as the bottles I usually have as a project for class. Last year in addition to the bottles I had given them some clay board to play with.
   I got the bracelets off of Amazon - this one is a large one and the opening is 2 and 3/4 inches.
   I left a bunch plain but sprayed a few like this one with walnut stains - this one in a greenish tone - and some in a terra cotta and some in a darker walnut. The design was done with a sharpie and then sealed with gel medium ( you could also use modge podge).
   I plan on taking some pics of the students bracelets(and the bottles) so pop back in sometime :)
     Take Care

Friday, February 24, 2017

Meditation Pool

   I had planned on posting this earlier this week but our internet has been out - time to get rid of our current provider, one too many times....
  I finished this painting on Wednesday after teaching my Zentangle class with the CLL group.
  I finished off the sides with wood stain this time and like how it looks (with this one at least)
   I started with several layers of regular wax to prime the board and then added layers of 3 shades of teal/turquoise blues - with the darker tones at the edges.
  Next I added 3 layers of fall leaves in a ripple  pattern with layers of clear wax between .I  also added blue wax swirls at one point a few layers from the top.
  The center piece is a piece of clay that I molded from a desk top reproduction of the Labyrinth at the Cathedral in Chartress France - the original being used by the monks for hundreds of years for meditation. Labyrinths also symbolize a journey and can help with life changes a journey of the spirit.
  The clay piece is white with blue colored shellac applied and burned on, and I added some blue shellac ripples to the pond also and did a light burn....
  I really like this painting a lot - for now it is for sale on my Vango Art site - (user name Tera Fujan) and you can also find it on RedBubble - (user name  - TeraFujan - no space) - the Red Bubble site gives you the option of a print, or different things made with the pattern of the painting - like leggings, shirts, pillows ect.....
   All for me today - got to gather a few things to take with me to the studio tomorrow.
      Take Care

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Beaux Arts show

Helen and Tuny - I guess I caught them by surprise.

Marcy Eady

Painting by Linda Kernick

One of Rick's entries....

I admit I love watching people when they look at one of my paintings....

Beaux Arts exhibit - part of anyhow - including my other painting - left with the leaves....

People's choice Award  painting  by John Groah
Rick with his winner....

Best in show by Heather Clements

Group photo of the Winners