Friday, April 14, 2017

Turtle territory

  IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!
  Another painting for you today - by the way all these recent paintings with the stencils and alcohol inks are 11 by 14 inches - and 13 by 16 inches when framed.
  I started this one as the others with a turtle stencil and some stencil paste and once dry I used alcohol inks to color the turtles and the background.
  And that is where I stopped (well almost ) with this one so no wax and no beads. I covered the entire painting with a thick coat of resin which really makes the colors pop - alcohol inks are bright as it is but the resin just adds to the effect!!!
   Really pretty - matter of fact it makes a great take top - I ordered one for myself off my Redbubble site and I just LOVE it!!!!
  The fabric they use is really nice and seems very well made and it really looks great!!!!
   All for me today - Have a great weekend!!!
                                                                                          P.S. The 'Mango Koi' painting looks great as a tank top too - LOVE IT TOO!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Elephant sunset

  It has been one of those weeks that felt very busy but I really didn't accomplish much except get to work and walk the much for my not so big plans to get a bit of cleaning done each day......
   I had to walk my pups both with their chain collars back on today because my big boy took off after a cat yesterday and got away from me - twisting my knee rather painfully at the same time and then started barking loudly(he doesn't know any other type of barking I guess) at the poor guy whose yard he chases the cat into - fortunately I was close behind him and the guy was used to big dogs and didn't back to the chain poke collars for awhile - I cant have him getting away from me and neither my knee or shoulder can tolerate much yanking - walking is tough today....
  Anyway - another of my paintings with alcohol inks and stencils. I used a large elephant stencil with wood putty and then when it was dry I used the torch on the wood putty to give it some darker color.
   Next came the alcohol inks. When dry I added a layer of shellac and did a burn and more drying time. I taped off a row along the top and added encaustic wax above and below the taped off section and then added a small row of red microbeads.
  The last thing I did was to add resin to the part that I taped off.
   I really like how all these are turning out - another cool turtle one is up for you tomorrow.
  And of course you can find the original paintings up on my Vangoart site and they are also up on my Redbubble site for prints, cards, shirts, phone covers scarves......
   Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Turtle ocean

  Another painting for you today with alcohol inks and wax. This one started with a turtle stencil and was done pretty much exactly like yesterdays. I colored the turtles and background with alcohol inks and then added a layer of shellac and did a burn.
  Once that was dry I added a couple layers of wax - with a row near the top taped off. Added the beads and the resin to the taped off areas and framed it in a black floating frame.
  It is also available on my Vangoart page - - user name = 'Tera Fujan'  as well as at HH Arts gallery in Fort Walton Beach!!!!
   Have a great day!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Mango Koi

  Been busy in the studio playing with alcohol inks and wax, and its soooo much fun - I had forgotten how vibrant the alcohol inks are!!!
  This piece started with a stencil of the koi fish and when it was dry I colored it with alcohol inks and then did the background.
  Once the inks dried - very quickly with alcohol inks - I added a layer of shellac, let it dry a bit and then did a burn.
   I then taped off an area near the top and added encaustic wax to the areas not taped off.
  Taped off a smaller row and added some red microbeads.
  Lastly I added resin to the area I initially taped off to seal it and to add a bit extra pop and shine.
  I framed it in a floating frame with gold edges and it is now for sale on my Vangoart site. and my user name is 'Tera Fujan'

                                                                                 All for today - am off to my real job.....
                                                                                           Take Care

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

No explanation needed.....

  Been a busy few weeks here - spring break 2 weeks in a row , first my sons and then my daughters and we even had relatives in town during the second week also - lots of fun, beach and good food!!!
  This post is a bit long in pictures but if you just want to see the finished product then scroll on to the end of the post....
  I layered yellow then red, then black with silver on top and then started carving.
  I got the lave look idea from a fellow artist who did a really cool lava painting and the doorway idea was from the up coming theme at ARTEL gallery in Pensacola.
    I used a clay mold of a Zombie head from around the doorway - I used cold wax for the eyes and a rust rub on paste to add a bit of ...something :).
   The dorr 'handles' were done with a 3D pen that my son got for me for Christmas. The 'leaves' of fire on the tree were also done with cold wax.
  What is behind the door you say - well - no explanation needed I say.....
"No explanation needed..." is the tittle.
   All for tonight - time to lounge on the couch a bit before bedtime :)
     Take Care

Friday, March 17, 2017

Fairy Princess

   A quick morning post as the hubby and I are headed for Biloxi for the night to see Pat Benatar in concert!!!! She always puts on a great show!!! (my DS will be home for the weekend to keep the pups company :)
  I finished this picture earlier this week. I started with this beautiful digital image from Selina Fenech which I colored with polychrome pencils onto 'cryogen white ' cardstock.(from Paper Temptress)
  I cut her out using a die but leaving her wings and the lily pad outside the edges. I layered her to 'silver ore glimmer cardstock' and then to an over lay called 'silver bohemian by Hambley' and more of the silver ore glimmer behind that - all are from Paper Temptress.
  I used a bunch of flowers for accents - the 2 smallest ones I left white and one down in the bottom right corner was already a pretty blue - the rest were white to start with and I sprayed them with turquoise glimmer mist . I added her crown from my stash with a rhinestone at the top added to match her wings and a couple flat backed faux pearls for good measure!!!
  She was mounted onto a canvas board and framed - 11 by 14 inches.
   All for now - gotta get a move on this am...
       Take Care

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Walkin the dogs....

   Well it has been a busy week and I didn't get much walking time in. Spent yesterday in the studio - should have another painting or two to show you soon...
   After the studio I loaded up the pups and took them for a walk in the woods and a bit of time at the beach (on the military base) and as you can probably tell they had a good time and burned off a bit of energy!!!
  This first picture of Duke is my favorite of the day - he loves to run and loves the water!!!
   All for now - Have a great day!!!